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Our Program

What Motivates Us

At MASH, our goal is to create a dog who is balanced and even in temperament, physically sound and healthy (free of genetic defects), one who is driven in the field, peaceful in the home, the fulfillment of a dream and the answer to a prayer. We seek to breed dogs who are people and family oriented, who look to their handlers for direction as needed, who show sensitivity and awareness of their handlers emotions and respond appropriately. Any dog in our program is health tested as soon as appropriate and awareness of heritable genetic traits is kept top of mind when selecting appropriate pairings. While titles without doubt prove the ability and trainability of a dog and are important in their own right, I don't need to see a title on a dog to prove it's worthiness in breeding; what I hope to see more in a dog considered for my program is the ability to be driven when working while still maintaining control, and in turn being able to switch that drive off when in the home relaxing with family. My sincerest dream is to create pups that go on to be the best part of someone's childhood, the dog that took their person so much further in their sport than they ever thought they could go, the dog that is so reliable on birds he's invited on every hunting trip, the dog that gave someone the ability to do something they never thought they could before. I imagine that this is quite close to the goals of most breeders. If I can pass on a little of Radar's love and Hunni's sweetness to others, I know that in my own small way I will have succeeded.

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