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Our History

With the purchase of my first Springer, I did not intend to begin a breeding program. I didn't even really want a puppy. I had three small children and two older mutts, one of whom was an SPCA adoption that had been a lot of work behaviourally (which I loved). However, I was eager to join my husband upland hunting and was extremely interested in trying my hand at dog sports. Both of these endeavours (hunting in particular) encourage starting a dog as early in life as possible. And so I resolved to find a puppy that would fit into the daily chaos of my life and be a solid hunting partner for me and my husband on weekends.

I had been researching for a little over two years, reading every book, website, and article, watching every Youtube video I could find, in hopes of finding the ideal dog for our life. To make a long story short, I landed on the Field Bred English Springer Spaniel. Suffice to say I haven't looked back. The more I learn about my dogs, the more excited and interested I become in them. Life with my Springers is a constant adventure and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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