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Made for Adventure, Sport, Home

Quality Field-Bred English Springer Spaniels bred for passion in the field and peace in the home.

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Here at MASH I am just starting out on my dog breeding journey. I brought home my first Field Bred Springer in 2018, and I haven't looked back. In that first dog, I found something incredible; a deeply sensitive and devoted dog with all the drive for sport I could ever want. Radar has taken me to all the sporting clubs I can find and not only succeeds, but excels. He will hunt grouse all day, search tirelessly for odour, fly down a scent trail, hurtle off a dock, spin into tricks and tolerate my fumbling obedience commends. After a short time we also discovered that our boy had a second calling: emotional support. When one of my small children has a temper tantrum, he moves in, lays on their chest, and licks away the tears until once more all is well. At the end of the day, after all the excitement is over and the children are tucked in, there is nothing Radar likes more than to curl up together on the couch until bedtime. It is this sensitivity and versatility that I am hoping to bring into more homes, to bless more families, fields and arenas.

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